Sunday, October 26, 2014

honey face mask dry skin

honey face mask dry skin Honey is safe to use even though its use is done on an ongoing basis. Honey mask contains antiseptic useful for killing germs or bacteria that attach to the face and cause acne. Here's how to make a honey mask:

     Prepare honey, cucumber and egg
     Put the honey into the container
     Grate the cucumber and then squeeze the water and mix into a container that contains the honey was
     Take the egg whites and mix with the cucumber juice with honey, mix evenly
     Pour into a panic, with low heat
     Stir until everything is well blended and form a thick batter
     After waiting several minutes for the mixture to cool
     Well, when cool apply the mixture to the face evenly
     Then let stand approximately 30 minutes
     After that, rinse with a soft towel
     Do it this way on a regular basis for at least one other day to get maximum results

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